Robb Joon is a singer-songwriter based in Los Angeles who plays his own mix of rock, reggae, and Latin alternative music.  Influenced by a wide array of musicians and regional stylings, including The Beatles, Buena Vista Social Club, Ry Cooder, Bob Marley, Muddy Waters, Los Lobos and the East LA art scene, Afro-Funk, Hip-Hop, and 60's Rock.  Robb Joon is out to set audiences' ears on fire.

Enchanted at an early age by Rock & Roll movies like La Bamba, Crossroads, The Doors and MTV, Joon began playing in bands as soon as he could get his hands on a guitar or bass.  Along with his cousin and writing partner, Luis "Upriser" Flores (Primo All-Stars), Joon eventually began composing and performing original, genre-bending songs.

With the release of his first EP, Moon Rock (2016), Joon is currently performing shows and playing venues as he prepares for a national tour.  Robb Joon sings about love, loss, darkness and desire in songs like Priscilla, Por Ti and Rub a Dub Love.  Exploring musical territory while connecting with the audience is a staple of Robb Joon performances.

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